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Secrets to enliven your life through food

Can food enliven our lives? Can food liberate us from our daily tensions? These questions are worth pondering.Food is a means for our survival. Food affects us both physically as well as mentally and therefore our health and wellness depends on the type of food we consume. Food is not only a fuel to body but also a friend. The body needs food for regulating biological process, repairing tissues, eliminating toxins and balancing hormones. Health is not about eating foods but eating a balanced diet and that too regularly.

One should be wary about taking in sufficient nutrition to sustain the body. Low energy levels, feeling sad or annoyed and sleeping problems are symptoms of malnutrition or improper diet. Malnutrition is also allied with depression and other mental problems. Practicing self discipline and prioritizing body’s need is not only good for physical health but also boosts mental strength and ensures well being. To take proper care of body we must make sure that our body takes sufficient macro and micro nutrients which can be ensured by having a balanced diet. A sound sleep is imperative for proper digestion and invigorating the body.Enriching your soul:There are many ancient adages which stress on eating together because dining with family and friends is not only pleasurable but also helpful in devoting adequate time to food. Food gives energy to our body and if food is consumed with positive energy it makes it more healthy and enriching. Good food is a key to good life and therefore we must enjoy eating our favorite dishes, though overeating should be avoided. Indulging ourselves in eating for sheer pleasure also gives us true inner happiness, given that this should be occasional. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind, this saying holds water in the present day scenario as problems like frustration and other mental problems can be eliminated through food.Eat happiness with each bite:Happiness is a consequence of remaining healthy. Food should be eaten for seeking pleasure but should not be used other than the purpose to nourish the body. We should adhere to strict diet to keep our body fit and eating mindlessly should be taken care of.  We must take time to appreciate whatever we are taking in our body. Ensure you are always energizing your body’s cells but also treating your senses to foods that invoke positive feelings. But in pursuit of following we should not kill our temptation for good food. Serotonin, known as the "happy" neurotransmitter is clearly an important aspect of food and happiness,. The lack of serotonin has been extensively associated with depression and many well-known anti-depressants, including Prozac, aim to increase this neurotransmitter level in particular. Serotonin comes from food such as chocolate and coffee .Eating healthy can give us the energy and perseverance to combat disease and upcoming problems in our life. Many research shows that the effect of eating healthy is not visible immediately but it’s definitely good in the long run.

Giving time to your food:In this high pace world where we often skip meals or consume them untimely is also the root cause of many problems. Thus food should be consumed timely and should also be given time i.e. when we eat our meals we should not eat them in haste but should give time (at least 45 minutes). Due to our hectic schedule many of us end up gobbling junk foods and gulping unhealthy drinks. Consuming junk food may give us ephemeral happiness, but results in numerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many chronic diseases. It also has a bad influence on our mental health and leads to learning problems, dementia, depression and reducing the ability to control our appetite. And most importantly junk foods keeps our body bereft of the nutrients required to function properly. Food gives us energy hence it is important to consume it with positive energy.Simplification of life:The simpler you eat the better you feel. Introducing simple food in our life makes our complex life simple and easy. We must include fruits, vegetables (especially green and leafy vegetables), nuts, yogurt, cereals and pulses. We often visit parlors or go on vacation to pamper our body but eating simple and nutritious food is the best way to pamper ourselves and that too daily.Improvising food habit might seem as a miniscule change but when practiced religiously can bring miraculous change in our life. This endeavor will not only protect one’s body from diseases but can also bring us inner happiness which has become rare in the present day scenario. We try so many products for our skin and body but we tend to forget that our daily diet can actually create wonders for us and give us the desired results.

If one makes eat healthy and happily the mantra of one’s life, then half of the problems will vanish from our life. So if you want to be healthy, want to look fit and beautiful, want happiness, and want to brighten up your dull life just have a good diet.