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Welcome to ACTIVeat

Activeat is one of the premium online meal delivery companies in Mumbai that delivers healthy, tasty meals to your doorstep. We have a wide range of diet meals that cater to your Palate and help you follow a healthy food regimen.

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From Keto meals for weight loss to vegan lunch boxes, from healthy desserts & snacks to corporate tiffin services, our online meal subscription service covers every aspect of healthy eating, catering to your fitness objectives and goals.

Our food subscription packages include Healthy Meal Box Plan, Vegan Diet Plan, Low Carb Diet Plan, Keto Diet Plan and Nutritionist Consultation Plan; Each of our meals are curated as per your need, the ingredients measured as per your requirement and then cooked for effective weight loss or a fitness goal you subscribe to our services for.

Our Team

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Chief Eating Officer

Coming from a family of chefs and an inclination towards health and fitness, Pranay, an MBA in marketing with experience in sales, partnered with his brother to start this venture. He loves to eat and eat right which truly makes him the chief eating officer of the company. His analytical mind and eye for detail helps him focus on his clients and help them achieve their fitness goals.

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Chief Cooking Officer

Pastry Chef Amit Jham has been in the corporate catering & food business for 12 years. After having trained at The Taj Mahal Palace bakery, he went on to establish 2 companies - One dedicated to the sweet tooth, providing desserts and chocolates and the other one dedicated to providing lip-smacking food, specialising in Indian and Pan-Asian Cuisines, as well as creating personalised gourmet experiences.
His love for food and passion to create new experiences, got him to expand his expertise in the hot kitchen, initiating and bringing Activeat at to your doorstep, by Co-founding it with his brother.

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Chief Nutrition Officer

Nelson is an Australian Registered Nutritionist (Rnutr, NSW) who also is a trained chef for 15 years, specializing in continental cuisine. Over the past decade, he has been working with several athletes, gyms, personal trainers and health care centres all around the world creating deliciously customised nutrition / diet / meal plans for an array of clients.

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